Rates for Childcare Search and Other Services

Every family that requires the My Personal Nanny Search service must complete the registration form and pay an entry fee of € 150 (plus legal fees.)

The amount is refunded only if an adequate profile is not presented to the applicant within 30 days.

The entrance fee is used to make sure that the customer is really interested in using the services, so that I can activate myself to find the most suitable staff.

Commission for the service offered:

  • Childcare – € 200 (plus legal fees)
  • Nanny – € 200 (plus legal charges)
  • Babysitter – € 150 (plus legal charges)
  • Domestic staff – € 150 (plus legal charges)
  • Driver – € 150 (plus legal charges)
  • Caregiver – € 150 (plus legal fees)

Fixed commission regardless of the duration of the contract


Cost of Childcare Consultant Maria Cerna

The Maternity Nurse Maria Cerna offers counseling for children up to 3 years and in particular for babies from 0 to 6 months. In the case of a twin birth she is able to offer specific advice. The cost of the consultation is established following a request for an estimate.