Research Service : Nanny , Childcare and other professional figures

My Personal Nanny offers the “Nanny and Baby Care Research Service,” a personalized consultation to find the most suitable collaborator for each family’s needs.

Fill out the registration form in all the mandatory fields (marked by *), read the terms and conditions and send your request. You will be directed to the page where you can pay € 150.00 (plus legal fees) via Paypal or Credit Card.  Once the payment has been made, the search for the professional figure you requested will begin. It will be my pleasure to update you as soon as possible.

servizio ricerca tate e puericultrici

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At the conclusion of a work agreement between the Client and the Collaborator presented to the Client by the Agency, the Client will have to pay the Agency a placement fee of € 200.00 (plus legal charges), regardless of the duration of the working agreement between Client and Collaborator.


The placement commission must be paid to the agency before the collaborator enters service with the customer.