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The Butler, or House Manager, is a specialized professional who oversees the entire organization of the different domestic figures present in the house. As the highest-ranking family employee, the Butler carries out a series of important functions.

What does a Butler do?

As House Manager, the Butler, as well as managing all the domestic staff, also takes care of organizing dinners and events, and is responsible for the care and maintenance of cars and boats. He takes care of receiving and entertaining guests at home, as he is an expert in wines and liqueurs, as well as knowing the label and the formal way of serving at the table.

The Butler, as a personal assistant of the family, also deals with booking hotels and restaurants, organizing trips, and reserving privileged hours for shopping and museums in order to avoid long waiting hours. Expert in matters of etiquette and communication, the Butler knows how to deal with drivers, as well as with the staff on board yachts and private planes.

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A Butler improves your family’s quality of life, here’s why:

  • He is a high-level figure who directs all domestic staff inside the house
  • He therefore insures the entire home organization from cleaning, to preparing meals, to keeping the rooms in impeccable order
  • He takes care of the guests
  • He assists the family in preparing for travel
  • He coordinates the activities of the childcare staff