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The Caregiver is a domestic figure who provides assistance and support to the elderly and to people who are not fully self-sufficient, carrying out a series of activities every day to guarantee them the best quality of life. He or she takes full responsibility for the health of the patient, and must therefore be precise and punctual in the administration of medications and basic care prescribed by the doctor.

What does a Caregiver do?

A figure of fundamental importance is the Night Caregiver, as she can work even during the night, providing assistance to the elderly in order to guarantee the right night’s sleep and all necessary medical care.

A professional Caretaker recognizes herself by the fact that she knows how to do her job, albeit very delicately, with patience and humanity, trying in every way to transmit joy and serenity to the elderly. During the day he or she will also deal with small daily commissions, such as going to the pharmacy, shopping, and paying bills, for example.

Our agency is able to select highly referenced Caretakers with a long working experience behind them.

Why hire a Caretaker with My Personal Nanny

  • She helps the elderly in all daily operations
  • She will keep the client company, accompanying him outside whenever possible and keeping the dialogue with him alive
  • She carries out her work with respect and humanity
  • She also takes care or cleaning and ordering the house
  • She carries out daily delegations in favor of the clien

MyPersonalNanny also offers the possibility of specialization in the profession of Nanny, Babysitter, Nursing Care, Nanny, Maid and Doula.

The training plan provides 360-degree preparation through dedicated, professional coaching courses, directly in the field.