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The Doula is a caregiver who supports women before and after birth, offering them all the moral and psychological support they need. Often, when they return home from the hospital parents are faced with the problem of having to return to work in a short time, sometimes without being able to count on the collaboration of family members. The presence of the Doula in this phase is very precious, because it offers support and security to the mother as well as helping the father as for him it can be an equally delicate period to manage.

What does a Doula do?

What are the tasks of a Doula? This figure performs various functions. She deals with providing support and assistance before and after birth, doing small household chores such as cooking, shopping, accompanying older children to school, and generally dealing with all the activities useful to alleviate parents’ labors.

The primary duty of a professional Doula is to help the mother respond to the needs of the child as well as being a valuable guide for the start of breastfeeding and the early stages of a newborn’s life.

Unlike the Childcare Officerthe Doula is a non-medical assistance figure, therefore she cannot offer medical care in case of need. In addition, the Doula can accompany the child for a prolonged period of time, unlike the Maternity Nurse who specializes in support until the first 6 months of the child’s life.

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The Doula: a precious guardian angel for the whole family

  • She deals with the support of women throughout the prenatal period, from pregnancy to post-partum and up to the first year of life.
  • She closely assists the new mother, providing valuable advice on breastfeeding
  • She directs and advises the mother, without making decisions for her
  • She helps the new mother with household chores
  • She offers valuable moral and psychological support to the father, as this can be a delicate period for him as well

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