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Search for a Domestic Couple

The Domestic Couple is a married couple or relatives who take care of the entire residence. They take care of performing the cleaning effectively, managing the schedule and organizing themselves to the fullest. The Domestic Couple will take care of ironing, shopping, cooking and serving at the table, cleaning the silverware in the house and keeping the various rooms of the residence in order.

What does a pair of maids do?

The advantage of having a pair of housekeepers at home is mainly the possibility of having 2 figures that communicate and organize the various tasks in the best possible way according to their aptitudes and abilities. In this way, it is a more efficient management of the residence which would be difficult if it were borne by one person.

Often one needs to hire a pair of domestic workers to monitor and care for isolated villas in the countryside, residences outside the city and summer homes. Given the importance of their role, the search for a reliable pair can be complicated, because often one finds oneself overwhelmed in a personal estate.

For this reason, it is of fundamental importance to select only Domestic Couples with the necessary experience and with checked references. Our agency will solve your problems in a simple way, selecting between qualified and reliable domestic pairs.

A Domestic Couple, many advantages at home

  • Being spouses or relatives, they demonstrate maximum collaboration and trust in their daily work
  • They divide tasks according to their proclivities, generating the best possible service
  • They have maximum flexibility in performing the most diverse housework
  • They Ensure cleanliness and order at home
  • They take care of running errands for the family