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The Domestic Nanny is experienced in both domestic and child care tasks. She is able to playdifferent roles in the home thanks to her lengthy experience.

What does a Domestic Nanny do?

A Domestic Nanny is the ideal choice to reconcile the needs of home and children, as she deals with cleaning, cooking, ironing and washing, but at the same time is able to look after the little ones. Thanks to the experience accumulated, the Domestic Nanny knows how to organize educational activities with children, how to take care of their development, and how to help them with their homework and keep the rooms tidy.

Even if competent in different activities, we must not consider this figure as a single person who is at the same time a perfect Housekeeper and a perfect Nanny, as we speak of 2 different jobs and with different responsibilities. Precisely for this reason, the Domestic Nanny is the ideal choice for families who need a single figure of reference for the home and for their children, albeit with its limits.

Those who need specialized figures in the care of the home and in the care of children, will instead have to turn to the Housekeeper and the Nanny.

If you need a referenced Domestic Nanny, rely on My Personal Nanny and we will select between figures with excellent references and years of experience to guarantee you the best possible service.

The Domestic Nanny: a professional with many advantages

  • A multitasking professional able to perform different roles
  • Performs daily tasks for the home including cleaning, ironing, laundry, etc.
  • Takes care of children, accompanying them in educational and recreational activities
  • It is the ideal choice for families who want to contain their budget but still have help at home
  • Manages the different functions assigned according to their experience