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The Housekeeper takes care of cleaning and managing all aspects of the house. She carries out various daily tasks such as ironing, cooking, cleaning, arranging the rooms, and packing for travel.

What does a Housekeeper do?

An experienced Housekeeper must have some important qualifications to be considered a professional. She must therefore demonstrate good communication skills as she often has to work closely with other important professional figures such as the Nanny, Caretaker, Maternity Nurse and Butler.

If necessary, the Housekeeper can also take care of preparing meals and cleaning windows and terraces, according to the needs of the family.

A good Housekeeper after many years of work can become a Governess who will manage the entire organization of the domestic figures inside the house, guaranteeing an excellent service.

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The benefits of having a Housekeeper in the family

  • Flexibility in performing different tasks within the home
  • Takes care of and tidies up the rooms
  • Manages the daily relationships with the family, working closely in their home
  • Is able to cook, iron, and arrange the organizational spaces of the home
  • If necessary can look after children, accompanying them to school or other daily activities

MyPersonalNanny also offers the possibility of specialization in the profession of Nanny, Babysitter, Childcare, Caregiver, Maid and Doula.
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