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The private chef is a specialized worker who takes care of managing all aspects of the kitchen. He is responsible for the entire work team and he personally chooses the members of that team, since he is able to assess the skills and abilities of each of them.

What does a Private Chef do?

A Private Chef not only cooks impeccably, but also takes care of household expenses, either personally or by delegating to staff. He checks the quality of the food every day according to the tastes and needs of the family, with one eye on the little ones.

The responsibilities of an expert and referenced chef go beyond knowing how to cook well, as he will have to scrupulously control the wholesomeness of the food, as well as enforce the hygiene and health regulations in the kitchen through his staff. In addition to having the right references, the Chef will have to have some important professional requirements, including the qualification for the administration of food and drinks. This involves having attended a hotel institute or specialization courses.


A qualified Chef will delight the palate of diners with sophisticated and creative dishes, or on the contrary will make simplicity his winning weapon. A fundamental characteristic of a good Chef is, in fact, finding the right balance between his inventiveness and the preferences of the residents.

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The Private Chef will give a touch of class to your kitchen

  • Guides the kitchen like an orchestra conductor, constantly monitoring the work of the staff
  • Can assign the most suitable role to every figure in the kitchen
  • Is responsible for the quality of the food
  • Ensures residents and their guests are never served dishes at the risk of food intolerances or allergies
  • Knows how to meet the needs of family members, creating customized diets according to their needs