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A Baby Sitter takes care of children in the absence of their parents, or in any case when they cannot be with their children. Since this figure carries out her work in close contact with the little ones, she must be fully reliable and responsible for their health and safety with constant monitoring.

What does a baby sitter do?

A Baby Sitter must be able to prepare meals and snacks for the little ones, let them have an afternoon nap, and prepare them for the night. In accordance with parents’ indications, she knows how to confront children, reproaching them when necessary and responding to their whims, in order to maintain consistency in compliance with the rules imposed by mom and dad.

But how do you recognize a qualified baby sitter? It is not enough to be good at helping children, it is also necessary to have specific qualifications. They must have good listening skills, a patient but at the same time determined character, and must know how to stimulate children’s creativity and intellect. They must check that the tasks are carried out correctly, as well as organize games and fun activities according to their age.

A reliable Baby Sitter is also recognized by other important skills. She must be competent in the nutritional needs of children at their various stages of growth and know how to administer basic medical care, in accordance with the parent’s guidelines.

With the help of our agency you can entrust your children to an experienced Baby Sitter, who will assist them in a careful and responsible way in order to guarantee absolute trust and serenity.

The Baby Sitter can give concrete help to the family

  • She is a professional figure responsible for children during working hours
  • Her primary duty is that children be happy in her care and receive the right stimuli
  • She gives excellent care, safety, and well-being to the children
  • She complies with the parent’s indications, particularly regarding health and nutrition
  • She agrees with the same guidelines for the education of children
  • She ensures that children do their homework and teaches them how to put things in order

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