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Maternity Nurse

The Maternity Nurse is able to take care of the mother and child from 0 to 6 months, during the most delicate period of the baby’s life. As a nurse specializing in maternity wards, she  distinguishes herself from other childcare professionals by her numerous professional skills

What does a nurse do?

In fact, we are talking about a professional figure competent in the field of psychology, pedagogy, child hygiene, food sciences, and communication: both verbal and body language.

She is part of the post-natal period of maternity in which often there is a scarcity of support for the new parents, who are left to themselves with external help only in case of an emergency. Therefore, the caregiver’s task becomes just that: assisting the new mother in the first months of the child’s life by helping her in the series of daily activities.

The nurse will help and advise the mother in breastfeeding, in correctly regulating the sleep-wake rhythms, in following the newborn in the various stages of development, and in ensuring the right diet. Being a specialized nurse, the nurse will report to the pediatrician on the child’s condition, as well as to give first aid to the child in case of need.

She will also take care of assisting the new father, since even for him it is a very delicate period.

The Maternity Nurse: a fundamental figure that every new mother should have

  • Guides the mother in the most delicate period for the baby, from before birth through the first months of life.
  • Helps regulate the sleep-wake rhythms of the newborn, giving the mother precious hours of rest and a regular life right after birth.
  • Offers valuable support 24 hours a day, until the baby is used to the right routine with the mother.
  • Helps the mother breastfeed and/or bottle feed.
  • Takes care of the newborn’s hygiene.

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