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La Tata è una professionista che si occupa di educare e assistere i bambini, in quanto ha la loro piena responsabilità nei confronti dei genitori.  Svolge i suoi compiti com amore e rispetto verso i piccoli, assicurandosi di creare un ambiente consono alle loro attività e alla loro fascia di età.

The Nanny takes care of educating and assisting children, as she takes full responsibility on behalf of the parents. She carries out her duties with love and respect for the little ones, making sure to create an environment appropriate to their activities and their age group.

What does a Nanny do?

She puts the child’s safety first. She is equipt with first aid training and is able to provide it in case of an emergency.

An expert nanny establishes a stable relationship with the little ones, so as to create a complicity that favors the physical and psychological development of children. She knows their needs, knows how to organize educational activities by stimulating their language skills, how to cope with their whims, and how to teach them the rules of the house according to the parent’s indications.

We will help you select the right nanny who can pick up the child at school, help him with his homework, accompany him to his afternoon duties, and play with him while his parents are busy.

Finding an experienced and above all reliable nanny can be complicated, but with My Personal Nanny you can choose between highly referenced figures.

The advantages of having a Nanny at home

  • She understands children’s needs
  • She is responsible for their growth, giving the right space to play
  • She organizes educational activities correlated appropriately to the child’s age
  • She teaches children to respect daily rules
  • She is capable of providing basic medical care to the child
  • She never replaces the mother, but will assist her in the physical and psychological development of the child
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MyPersonalNanny also offers the possibility of specialization in the profession of Nanny, Babysitter, Childcare, Caregiver, Maid and Doula.

The training plan provides a 360 ° preparation through dedicated, professional coaching courses directly in the field.