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Request a Private Driver

The Private Driver is a professional driver who mainly takes care of accompanying family members, transporting them to and from their homes according to their needs. A private driver, to carry out his work flawlessly, must be responsible, precise and prudent, as he takes full responsibility for the passengers’ safety and punctuality. Therefore, to be considered a qualified driver it takes years of experience to build credibility and excellent references.

What does a Private Driver do?

The most important task of a personal driver is to facilitate the movement of family members. Since during his working hours he is at their complete disposal, he assumes a key role in ensuring that the schedules of the various commitments outside the home are always respected. He must also possess excellent language and communication skills.
A professional driver must have other important skills on top of driving well. In addition to daily upkeep of the vehicle, he must also be able to perform small maintenance operations to ensure the safety of passengers.
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Private driver is more than a simply driver

  • He is a professional with all the required road information
  • He must be responsible, precise, and prudent
  • He manages the schedules of the family members’ various activities in order to avoid unpleasant delays
  • He is able to intervene in minor maintenance operations of the vehicle
  • He personally attends to the daily upkeep of the car