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cerca supertata


The Supernanny is a highly specialized figure who runs to help the mother in case there were need for immediate help.  Often, in the post-natal period, the main problem of a new mother is to reconcile the needs of the child with the need to have to return to work and to their daily rhythms in a short time.

What does a Supernanny do?

Our Supernanny, being an expert Nanny and Maternity Nurse with years of experience, offers invaluable help in this delicate period for both new parents. The Supernanny will take care of re – establishing a correct sleep-wake routine and guaranteeing that the baby’s feeding will take place at the most suitable times.

This figure, being an expert in the behavior and development of children, is able to identify and correct the wrong behaviors of parents, as they often tend to underestimate their abilities or to use technological shortcuts to calm their whims. The main role of a Supernanny is precisely this: to analyze the parent-child relationship and their daily routine, to identify and remedy the educational gaps by re-establishing the rules of family life within the home.

The importance of the help offered by the Supernanny derives from the fact that the rules and principles taught in the first years will accompany the child for the rest of his life. The Supernanny will help parents by providing practical help and teaching both of them that they can, right from the start, make the child learn the right habits for the benefit of their relaxation.

A Supernanny will help you to be an even better mother

  • She never replaces the parents, always respecting their role in the home
  • She specializes in restoring the child’s sleep-wake rhythm
  • She offers help for short periods, verifying at a distance that the methods taught are cultivated by the parents
  • She gives the parents a 360 degree consultation, illuminating the natural mistakes that are common in parenting