Testimonials from parents who have chosen My Personal Nanny

Maria was not just a nanny, she was a second mother to me and a big sister to me. I gave birth a month earlier than my due date and Maria took care of “building” the nest, because in the last week I was immobilized in bed. It was a discreet presence, never inappropriate. It helped me to be the mom I wanted, never taking my place. Lola was born eight months old and she was tiny, but with Maria I never worried, I was never afraid for her. We loved it, we chatted during the night waiting for the feed. We had fun. When she thought I was ready, one month ahead of the contract, she left. Since then I have had other nannies but none like her.
Elena Bucaccio
Having a child and living in a big city without help can be a problem. Finding the right person who is with your child is even more so. I tried by word of mouth, with friends of friends, but it was only thanks to the help of Maria Cerna and My Personal Nanny that I was able to find the right person. Precise, punctual and reliable. In no time I found the perfect candidate to be with my baby and the return to work was less traumatic.
Federica Felice
In 2008 our second child arrived; 2 years difference from the first. It was a great moment of emotion, but also a life to reorder and reorganize. My husband often works outside and I live, since we got married, in a wonderful city called Palermo, beautiful but far from my affections and from those who could substantially help me in this new and important adventure of motherhood. I was struggling with a very jealous first child and a puppy to manage and grow in serenity and harmony. No baby sitter could help me, especially when I had to breastfeed at night they were dramas because the firstborn woke up and jealously cried. They convinced me to look for a good girl who could help me with the newborn, but frankly I couldn’t imagine my puppy in the hands of an inexperienced girl even if reliable. The fears that she could not live up to assailed me. Then I heard of the existence of agencies that have skilled nurses and that is how, through good references, I met my salvation “NANNY MARIA”: an infinite sweetness and an impressive ability to bring order and serenity back into our home! The big brother found his equilibrium with me, and I was able to breastfeed and be a stress-free, attentive and caring mother. The nanny kept an eye on the little one; if he had the colic she could get it to pass. He used to stick to the breast every 2 or 3 hours. It seems a banality, a logical thing, but often we mothers risk becoming human pacifiers, staying with the little ones attached all day at the breast, which is how I lived with the first child, and was repeating with the second one as well. The result was amazing! A big brother in love with his little brother and mom and dad happy and serene. I advise everyone to do as I did. The result was amazing! A big brother in love with his little brother, and mom and dad happy and serene. I advise everyone to do as I did.
Rossella Leone
We enthusiastically recommend the services of Maria Cerna, who was our nanny from September 2009 to February 2010. For 6 months she helped us take care of our newborn twins.
We can say with certainty that Maria is a very motivated, experienced and professional nanny. Not only does she understand and love children, but she is also disciplined in her work. She is first and foremost an adorable human being and is a joy to have at home.
Her network of contacts and her work experience allow her to help parents identify other nannies or find the domestic staff they need. We wish you much success for your new venture and we will certainly call you back when we need further assistance for our children.
Nicola & Ayshe Graf von Rex
Maria Cerna worked for me as a childcare professional to follow my daughter Ginevra. She carried out her work in a precise and punctual way demonstrating qualities of intelligence and great organization and managed to relate in the best way even with my other children.
Maria is a good person, available and very professional. I found myself so well with her that I recommended her to my sisters-in-law to raise my grandchildren, who she followed wonderfully. Thus she established a relationship of great affection and close collaboration with all the members of our great family. Today we still have a beautiful relationship of esteem and gratitude for the work done and above all for the affection shown to my children.
Lorenza Caltagirone
I was thrilled and scared at the same time by the arrival of my first child. The inexperience in managing such a small and fragile creature scared me and combining everything with work and everyday life seemed to me an arduous task. Instead I was lucky enough to meet Maria, the founder of My Personal Nanny. She was the perfect nanny for my two children, my niece and my friends’ children. It meant that the births of my children were joyful and serene, solving the small and big problems of every day with professionalism, sweetness and always with a smile on the face.
Malvina Malvicini Fontana
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