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I am a Maternity Nurse with over thirty years of international experience, and I am here to help you in your search for Nannies and Maternity Nurses. Through my agency My Personal Nanny, I offer advice to families, and I manage a team of childcare professionals whom I select with great care.

Maria Cerna

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Qualified Nanny and Maternity Nurse Sourcing

I select  the best professionals in the sector for you.

I help make life with your child one of serenity and joy.

Looking for a specialized Nanny or Maternity Nurse?

I can help you find the right person that will follow your child’s growth step by step.

Maria Cerna: Specialized Childcare Worker

Mine is a true calling: since I was a little girl I loved taking care of children. This passion led me to study first in Peru, and later at– Kensington and Chelsea College in London in order to become aspecialized Maternity Nurse.

I have over thirty years of multicultural and international experience having worked in Italy, England, France, Switzerland, Spain, the United States and Latin America. Mine is a wonderful job, one made of professionalism, care, and above all an immense love for children.



Parent Testimonials

From a career of over thirty years.

I was thrilled and scared at the same time by the arrival of my first child. The inexperience in managing such a small and fragile creature scared me and combining everything with work and everyday life seemed to me an arduous task. Instead I was lucky enough to meet Maria, the founder of My Personal Nanny. She was the perfect nanny for my two children, my niece and my friends’ children. It meant that the births of my children were joyful and serene, solving the small and big problems of every day with professionalism, sweetness and always with a smile on the face.
Malvina Malvicini Fontana
Maria Cerna worked for me as a childcare professional to follow my daughter Ginevra. She carried out her work in a precise and punctual way demonstrating qualities of intelligence and great organization and managed to relate in the best way even with my other children.
Maria is a good person, available and very professional. I found myself so well with her that I recommended her to my sisters-in-law to raise my grandchildren, who she followed wonderfully. Thus she established a relationship of great affection and close collaboration with all the members of our great family. Today we still have a beautiful relationship of esteem and gratitude for the work done and above all for the affection shown to my children.
Lorenza Caltagirone
We enthusiastically recommend the services of Maria Cerna, who was our nanny from September 2009 to February 2010. For 6 months she helped us take care of our newborn twins.
We can say with certainty that Maria is a very motivated, experienced and professional nanny. Not only does she understand and love children, but she is also disciplined in her work. She is first and foremost an adorable human being and is a joy to have at home.
Her network of contacts and her work experience allow her to help parents identify other nannies or find the domestic staff they need. We wish you much success for your new venture and we will certainly call you back when we need further assistance for our children.
Nicola & Ayshe Graf von Rex
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